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Hostalion Group, based in Spain, is a two-part organization - an educational institution as well as a management consulting firm. Our experience is in the preparation of owners, managers and department heads of hotel and restaurant chains, as well as privately owned enterprises, throughout Europe and East Asia. 

This preparation comes in two parallel forms. The first form is through the sharing of the necessary theoretical knowledge by way of course materials that have been carefully prepared and documented by our firm and taught by our teachers. The second is through the hands-on implementation of this theory in real-world situations – day to day application of the knowledge acquired. Hostalion is engaged in providing consulting services, implementing Management Systems (ISO 9001 & 22000 as well as EFQM), within these same establishments. As such, we have the distinct advantage of having up-to-date theoretical knowledge (these management systems are continually being updated to reflect changes in the business environment), as well as hands-on, real-world experience - which we have shared with our clients using traditional methods over the last decade and a half. 

Now Hostalion decided to offer a Food & Beverage management program to professionals of the hospitality sector in Romania. Apart of that, Hostalion is under negotiations with the University of Deusto to offer also their prestigious accredited Master Degree in Hospitality Business Management in Romania.

Hostalion aims to contribute with their know-how to the Romanian hospitality market.

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