Our faculty is comprised of entrepreneurs, executives and academic experts. Most of the lecturers have an executive positions in the most prestigious hotel and restaurant chains.

Business School & Consultancy - Lecturers - Cesar Waelivaara Velasco

Cesar Waelivaara Velasco,


CEO and Senior Lecturer  2003 - present       CEO and Founder of Hostalion Business School, 1998 - 2003           General coordinator of th... More

Business School & Consultancy - Lecturers - Cristian Cristea

Cristian Cristea,


  Business Consultant & Senior Lecturer Business Development Director within SC MACROMEX SRL Training Manager within the City Grill Group. Experience over 10 years in sales (in FM... More

Business School & Consultancy - Lecturers - Rafael de Benitez

Rafael de Benitez,

Senior Lecturer & CEO Hotelsmaker

Rafel de Benitez - Digital Marketing Consultant     ... More

Business School & Consultancy - Lecturers - David Contant

David Contant,

Senior Lecturer & MCF Maître Cuisinier de France

... More

Business School & Consultancy - Lecturers - Andrei Zubac

Andrei Zubac,

Senior Lecturer & Data Analyst

Andrei Zubac Senior lecturer & Data Analist IT manager - Restaurant Group La PLacinte ... More

Business School & Consultancy - Lecturers - Dragosh Stancy

Dragosh Stancy,

Senior Lecturer

Dragosh Stancy Competencies, Area of expertise Human resources – Dragosh Stancy has developed and implemented successful mechanisms for organizations from different business areas, of... More

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